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P6 - Evaluation of virtual acoustic environments

P6 will exploit different strategies to improve the quality of binaural simulations to be used as a central evaluation platform for the consortium. Based on an analysis of shortcomings of state of the art systems, the benefit of extraaural headphones with individualized headphone equalization and individual ITD scaling with minimum phase interpolation will be evaluated with a strict test on the plausibility and authenticity of virtual environments.
The developed binaural reference system will be used to record and auralize a representative sample of natural acoustic environments and to create binaural representations of loudspeaker array systems used in the consortium – required for perceptual evaluations in different subprojects. A new database of HRTFs will be acquired with high spatial resolution and for different orientations of head above torso. These are required for the auralization of numerically modelled environments (P1, P2) and for all other evaluations under anechoic conditions. Based on the recorded HRTFs/BRIRs, different interpolation methods will be comparatively evaluated.
A consensus vocabulary for the qualities of virtual acoustic environments shall be developed, serving as a taxonomy to be related to a variety of system parameters along the signal chain. A software for performing perceptive evaluations will be provided, including all tests paradigms and methods required and able to drive all simulation systems used in the consortium directly.
Thus, a comprehensive collection of methods, tools, and data for the evaluation of virtual acous-tic environments is developed, essential for the proposed consortium and of considerable value for the larger acoustical community after the project.

Principal Investigator


Prof. Dr. Stefan Weinzierl
Sprecher der Forschergruppe / Coordinator Research Unit

room: EN 322
phone: +49 30 - 314 22236
e-mail: stefan.weinzierl AT tu-berlin.de



Alexander Lindau

room: EN 107
phone: +49 30 314 78780
e-mail: alexander.lindau[at]tu-berlin.de


Fabian Brinkmann

room: EN 111/112
phone: +49 30 314 23137
e-mail: fabian.brinkmann[at]tu-berlin.de

Vera Erbes

room: EN 105/106
phone: +49 30 314 29094
e-mail: v.erbes[at]tu-berlin.de

Student assistants


Thanassis Lykartsis

room: E-N 105/106
phone: +49 30 314 24559
e-mail: alykartsis[at]mailbox.tu-berlin.de

Sprechstunde: Mo 18-19 Uhr


Alexander Fuß

room: t.b.a.
phone: t.b.a.
e-mail: alexanderfuss[at]mailbox.tu-berlin.de


Reinhild Roden



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