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P5 - Signal Processing for Reproduction of Room Acoustics

The authentic reproduction of captured acoustic scenes is an essential building block for the evaluation of room acoustics. A number of sound reproduction techniques, that aim at authentic reproduction, have been developed in the past. This project focuses on Wave Field Synthesis and higher-order Ambisonics as loudspeaker-based, and binaural reproduction as headphone-based techniques. For all of these at least the basic concept for authentic reproduction of captured room acoustics has been presented in the literature. However, a number of theoretical and practical issues have not been investigated in detail so far. Furthermore, comprehensive results towards a comparison of the different approaches are rarely available at the current state. This project aims at developing a unified view on authentic reproduction of captured room acoustics. The existing approaches will be formulated in an unified framework, their properties will be evaluated and improved algorithms will be developed. The considered techniques consist typically of three main building blocks: sound field capture, extrapolation and synthesis. Spherical microphone arrays provide superior properties for the high-resolution capture of room acoustics. The theory of spherical microphone arrays is well understood and will not be treated extensively in this project. Sound field extrapolation techniques, allow to calculate the sound field within or outside of the region enclosed by the microphones. While the basic theory is well understood, relevant aspects that lie in the scope of this project are still missing. The signal processing required for auralization of captured room acoustics involves the extrapolation of the captured wave field from the microphone to the loudspeaker positions. The practical limits of this procedure in conjunction with auralization has not been investigated in detail so far.

Principal Investigator

Lupe [1]

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Spors [2]
Professur Signaltheorie und digitale Signalverarbeitung

Universität Rostock
Fakultät Elektrotechnik
Institut für Nachrichtentechnik
R.-Wagner-Str. 31 (Haus 8)
18119 Rostock/Warnemünde

phone: +49-381- 498-7300
e-mail: Sascha.Spors [at] uni-rostock.de


Lupe [3]

Matthias Geier [4]
Research Assistant/PhD Student

Universität Rostock
Fakultät Elektrotechnik
Institut für Nachrichtentechnik
R.-Wagner-Str. 31 (Haus 8)
18119 Rostock/Warnemünde

phone: +49-381- 498-7344
e-mail: Matthias.Geier [at] uni-rostock.de

Student Assistants

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