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P3 - Measurement, processing and modeling of natural acoustic environments

Natural acoustic environments in three dimensional spaces, such as sound in rooms and concert halls, are spatially complex. Recent studies proposed the use of spherical microphone arrays for the measurement and analysis of enclosed sound fields, due to the 3D analysis capabilities of these arrays. Aspects of array design and array processing, such as array configurations, spatial sampling, the effect of noise and spatial resolution, have been recently studied. However, a comprehensive association between measured sound fields and their spatial perception has not yet been established. This subproject aims to pursue the measurement, processing and modelling of enclosed sound fields, therefore facilitating controlled reproduction and evaluation of these sound fields, leading to improved understanding of the association between sound fields and their spatial perception. In the first part of the research, theoretical foundationsfor the design of spherical microphone arrays that facilitate sound field analysis at a wide frequency range with high spatial resolution will be established. This will then be used in the design and realization of spherical array systems that measure natural sound fields in practice. In the second part of the research, optimal spherical microphone array processing methods will be developed that facilitate enhanced analysis of sound field elements such as amplitude and direction-of-arrival of reflections, and spherical harmonics coefficients, in the presence of noise and interferences. In the final part, parametric sound field modelling will be developed that facilitates perceptual evaluation of reproduced sound.

Principal Investigator

Lupe [1]

Ass. Prof. Boaz Rafaely [2]

Acoustics Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel

phone. +972-8-646-1334
fax: +972-8-647-2949
e-mail: br[at] ee.bgu.ac.il


Lupe [3]

Hai Morgenstern

email: haimorg[at]ee.bgu.ac.il
+972 8 6428376
fax: +972 8 6428528

Lupe [4]

Nejem Hulihel

phone: +972 8 6428376
: +972 8 6428528

Lupe [5]

Tal Szpruch

email: szpruch[at]ee.bgu.ac.il
phone: +972 8 6428376
+972 8 6428528

Lupe [6]

Shahar Villeval

email: shaharv[at]ee.bgu.ac.il
phone: +972 8 6428376
fax: +972 8 6428528

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