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Simulation and Evaluation of Acoustical Environments (SEACEN)

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The design and the generation of virtual acoustic realities has become a central field of research, both as a basis for proprietary applications in media technology and virtual reality and as a research tool for other disciplines related to the generation, transmission, reproduction, and perception of sound. The SEACEN project, established as a research unit by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in April 2011, is a coordinated effort to improve the complete signal chain from the numerical modelling, the data acquisition within numerical or real sound fields, the coding and transmission of spatial sound to the electro-acoustic reproduction by binaural technology or by sound field synthesis. Methods for the comparative evaluation of simulated environments shall be developed to perceptively validate all improvements along the signal chain, and to evaluate the quality of virtual acoustic environments as a whole. The group is coordinated by Prof. Stefan Weinzierl (TU Berlin, Audio Communication Group, speaker) and Prof. Michael Vorländer (RWTH Aachen, Institute of Technical Acoustics).


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1.10.2012 - The autumn edition of the DFG's magazine "forschung" reports about the research group SEACEN at a prominent position.


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