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Database of single-channel and binaural room impulse responses of a 64-channel loudspeaker array

Vera Erbes and Matthias Geier and Stefan Weinzierl and Sascha Spors

138th AES Convention, e-Brief 189. 2015

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Free Database of Low Frequency Corrected Head-Related Transfer Functions and Headphone Compensation Filters

Erbes, Vera and Geier, Matthias and Wierstorf, Hagen and Spors, Sascha

Audio Engineering Society Convention 142 2017

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Spatial sound with loudspeakers and its perception: A review of the current state

Spors, S.; Wierstorf, H.; Raake, A.; Melchior, F.; Frank, M.; Zotter, F.

IEEE Proceedings 2013

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The FABIAN head-related transfer function data base

Fabian Brinkmann and Alexander Lindau and Stefan Weinzierl and Gunnar Geissler and Steven van de Par and Markus Müller-Trapet and Rob Opdam and Michael Vorländer


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Estimation of room impulse-response parameters using low-order microphone array

Szpruch, T.; Rafaely, B.

Proc. of the IEEE 27th Conv. of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel 2012

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Representation of HRTF with missing data by principal basis functions on the sphere

Villeval, S.; Rafaely, B.

Proc. of the IEEE 27th Conv. of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel 2012

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BRAS – Benchmark for Room Acoustical Simulation

Lukas Aspöck and Fabian Brinkmann and David Ackerman and Stefan Weinzierl and Michael Vorländer


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Simulation and Evaluation of Acoustic Environments

Vorländer, M.

Proc. of International Symposium on Room Acoustics (ISRA) 2013

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What do we know in room acoustics?

Vorländer, M.

Proc. of the EAA Forum Acusticum, 1-6. 2011

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Virtual acoustics : Plenary lecture

Vorländer, M.

Proc. of the 18th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2011

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Models and algorithms for computer simulations in room acoustics

Vorländer, M.

Proc. of the International Seminar on Virtual Acoustics (ISVA) 2011 2011

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Recording natural sound sources and implementing them in virtual acoustic scenes

Wefers, F.; Pelzer, S.; Vorländer, M.

Proc. of the 37. Jahrestagung für Akustik (DAGA) 2011

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