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AKtools - an open toolbox for acoustic signal acquisition, processing, and inspection [21]

Fabian Brinkmann and Stefan Weinzierl

Download Bibtex entry [22]

The FABIAN head-related transfer function data base [23]

Fabian Brinkmann and Alexander Lindau and Stefan Weinzierl and Gunnar Geissler and Steven van de Par and Markus Müller-Trapet and Rob Opdam and Michael Vorländer

Download Bibtex entry [24]

Ciba, Simon and Wlodarski, André and Lindau, Alexander and Brinkmann, Fabian (2014): "WhisPER v1.8.0. User Documentation" [25]

Download Bibtex entry [26]

Lindau, Alexander (2014): "Spatial Audio Quality Inventory. Test Manual. v1.0" [27]

Download Bibtex entry [28]

Unsicherheiten bei Richtcharakteristikmessungen [29]

Pazen, D.; Witew, I.; Vorländer, M.

Proc. of the 37. Jahrestagung für Akustik (DAGA) 2011

Download Bibtex entry [30]

3D Reproduction of Room Acoustics using a Hybrid System of Combined Crosstalk Cancellation and Ambisonics Playback [31]

Pelzer, S.; Masiero, B.;Vorländer, M.

Proc. of the International Conference on Spatial Audio 2011

Link to publication [32] Download Bibtex entry [33]

The number of necessary rays in geometrically based simulations using the diffuse rain technique [34]

Pelzer, S.; Schröder, D.; Vorländer, M.

Proc. of the 37. Jahrestagung für Akustik (DAGA) 2011

Download Bibtex entry [35]

Influence of scattering coefficient on the prediction of room acoustic parameters in virtual concert hall [36]

Pelzer, S.; Shtrepi, L.; Rychtarikova, M.; Astolfi, A.

Proc. of the 6th International Conference on Acoustics 2011

Download Bibtex entry [37]

Quality assessment of room acoustic simulation tools by comparing binaural measurements and simulations in an optimized test scenario [38]

Pelzer, S.; Vorländer, M.; Aretz, M.

Proc. of the Forum Acusticum 2011, 1529-1534. 2011

Link to publication [39] Download Bibtex entry [40]

Einfluss von Frequenz und Lautheit auf die Quellbreite [41]

Pieczykolan, A.; Witew, I.; Vorländer, M.

Proc. of the 37. Jahrestagung für Akustik (DAGA) 2011

Download Bibtex entry [42]

Bessel nulls recovery in spherical microphone arrays for time-limited signals [43]

Rafaely, B.

IEEE Trans. Audio Speech Lang. Proc., 2430-2438. 2011

Download Bibtex entry [44]

Near-Field Spherical Microphone Array Processing With Radial Filtering [45]

Rafaely, B.; Fisher, E.

IEEE Transactions on Audio, 256-265. 2011

Download Bibtex entry [46]

Analytical beamforming for spherical loudspeaker arrays [47]

Rafaely, B.; Khaykin, D.

Proc. of the EAA Forum Acusticum, 2247-2250. 2011

Link to publication [48] Download Bibtex entry [49]

Optimal Model-Based Beamforming and Independent Steering for Spherical Loudspeaker Arrays [50]

Rafaely, B.; Khaykin, D.

IEEE Transactions on Audio, 2234 - 2238. 2011

Download Bibtex entry [51]

Investigation of spherical loudspeaker arrays for local active control of sound [52]

Rafaely, B.; Peled, T.

J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 1926-1935. 2011

Download Bibtex entry [53]

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