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A Database of Anechoic Microphone Array Measurements of Musical Instruments

Weinzierl, Stefan and Vorländer, Michael and Behler, Gottfried and Brinkmann, Fabian and von Coler, Henrik and Detzner, Erik and Krämer, Johannes and Lindau, Alexander and Pollow, Martin and Schulz, Frank and Shabtai, Noam R.


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Spatial Decomposition by Spherical Array Processing

David L Alon and Boaz Rafaely

Parametric Time-Frequency Domain Spatial Audio. Wiley. 2017

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Die Trennung der Sinne: Der Virtuelle Konzertsaal als Forschungswerkzeug und Vermittlungsinstrument

Hans-Joachim Maempel and Michael Horn

Jahrbuch Preußischer Kulturbesitz. Gebr. Mann Verlag, 307-317. 2017

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First international round robin on auralization: Concept and database (A)

Brinkmann, Fabian and Aspöck, Lukas and Ackermann, David and Opdam, Robertus Cornelis and Vorländer, Michael and Weinzierl, Stefan

J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 3856-3856. 2017

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Determination of boundary conditions for room acoustics simulation by application of inverse calculation models (A)

Aspöck, Lukas and Maintz, Thomas and Vorländer, Michael

J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 3128-3128. 2016

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Perzeptive Evaluation transauraler Binauralsynthese unter Berücksichtigung des Wiedergaberaums

Gunar Schlenstedt and Fabian Brinkmann and Sönke Pelzer and Stefan Weinzierl

Fortschritte der Akustik – DAGA 2016, 561-564. 2016

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Perception of spatiousness in rooms in dependence of the strength of the absorption at the side walls

Stefan Klockgether and Steven van de Par

Fortschritte der Akustik – DAGA 2016, 1323-1326. 2016

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Just noticeable differences of spatial cues in echoic and anechoic acoustical environments

Stefan Klockgether and Steven van de Par

J. Acoust. Soc. Am., EL352-EL357. 2016

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Experimental Investigation of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Systems for Sound-Field Analysis

Hai Morgenstern and Johannes Klein and Boaz Rafaely and Markus Noisternig

22nd Int. Cong. on Acoustics (ICA) 2016

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Room geometry acquisition and processing methods for geometrical acoustics simulation models

Aspöck, Lukas and Vorländer, Michael

9th Iberian Congress on Acoustics, EuroRegio 2016, 13.06.2016-15.06.2016, Porto, Portugal 2016

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Acquisition of boundary conditions for a room acoustics simulation comparison

Aspöck, Lukas and Opdam, Robertus Cornelis and Behler, Gottfried and Vorländer, Michael

International Symposium on Musical and Room Acoustics ISMRA 2016 2016

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